Sunday, July 19, 2009

Importance Of Public Opinion

Dear Jerry,
I have no knowledge of the accuracy of polls. However, Comte considered forming and being aware of public opinion to be very important. To check what he said concerning public opinion go to the Library section on my web site and select "Social Science For A NON-FREE Society. Step 7 contains quotes on the importance of forming and knowing public opinion. Here is a quote from social technologist Lester Ward:

CREATING PUBLIC OPINION -- It is clearly in evidence that the science of creating and transmitting

public opinion under the influence of collective emotion is about to become the principal science of

civilization to the mastery of which all governments and all powerful interests will in the future address

themselves with every resource at their command.

The Science of Power, by Benjamin Kidd, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1919. P. 131.

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  1. Hello Aunt Erica Carle,

    It's Carl V. I took your advice and looked at your website. Very impressive. At your convenience this winter, please remember to gather up my Dad's letters from Korea. I would be very interested in reading those. It was nice seeing the two of you again. I'll spend more time next visit. Feel free to stop in my office. It's right down the street 500 Elm Grove Road.